Welcome to Parenthood

Parenthood is a group of parents dedicated to the Beth El Early Learning Center.  Parenthood’s motto is: Talk-Join-Connect-Create a Legacy. Parenthood hopes that all Beth El Early Learning Center parents and grandparents will become involved. It all starts by talking and getting to know one another.  From there, we hope parents will join Parenthood to make lasting connections and friendships. Building an interwoven community of parents is a large part of our mission. Creating a legacy with positive memories for the children is paramount. 

Parenthood hosts events, fundraises, helps with staff appreciation and much more. Our largest annual event is Family Fun Day, a big outdoor celebration with loads of food and fun. New families are welcomed to attend, visit our classrooms, meet our teachers and learn about our program. 

Join Parenthood

Parenthood Members may serve on various committees such as Social Programs, Book Fair, Staff Appreciation Week, Yearbook and Graduation. Members are not required to volunteer their time. All Beth El Early Learning Center parents and grandparents are welcome to join.

Why Support Parenthood

Benefit Your Child
Become an integral part of your child’s school

Stay Connected
Be in the loop about events and opportunities at Beth El Early Learning Center

Tap Into A Network
Connect with fellow Beth El Early Learning Center parents and help build a sense of community

Be A Role Model
Demonstrate your leadership and commitment to education

Witness Improvement
Be a part of the growth of the Beth El Early Learning Center

Direct Support
Parenthood funds go directly to Beth El Early Learning Center programs and special events

Create a Legacy
Be a part of your child’s past, present, and future education

To learn more, email  or call 561-391-9091.