Green Crayon Element as used by Early Learning Center | Beck Family Campus of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton, FL
Our Curriculum

Beth El Early Learning Center offers a developmental curriculum which empowers all children to reach their potential. We offer challenges just beyond the level of present mastery, providing opportunities to learn and practice newly acquired skills while recognizing individual variations. We recognize various learning styles by incorporating hands on experiences for each child to foster their creativity and exploration.

We create foundational, hands-on experiences in language arts, science, math, art, music and movement through a combination of secular (Creative Curriculum, Conscious Discipline, Reggio-Inspired, Handwriting Without Tears, Land of the Letter People) and Judaic curricula. We recognize that children learn best when they are highly interested in the subject matter. We utilize a thematic approach that is fluid and flexible, and values the interests of the children.

Our curriculum is experiential. Learning occurs as a result of hands-on involvement with experiences in and out of the classroom. Children’s learning reflects a recurring cycle that begins with awareness and discovery, moves to exploration, to inquiry, and finally to utilization.

In addition, we value and incorporate the infinite number of ideas each experienced teacher brings to the classroom.  We encourage collaborative thinking and planning amongst our staff to create a truly unique early childhood program.