Welcome to our 2021-22 Registration Info page!


Please click the buttons below to start the registration process. 

New families must first fill out the Pre-Registration Form and then will be able to separately Register for the Beth El Early Learning Center. Pre-Registration opens for New Families on March 8, 2021.

For any questions about registration, please contact Rachael Fushan,
Early Learning Center Administrative Assistant at 561-391-9091 or RFushan@tbeboca.org.


February 16, 2021  Registration Form Opens for Current & Deferred Families
February 16, 2021 Early Bird Registration Begins ($175 Fee Waived)
March 1, 2021  Registration Form Opens for Withdrawn Families (2020-21) and Temple Members*
March 8, 2021 Pre-Registration** Opens for New Families and
Registration Form Opens for New Families
March 21, 2021 Last Day of Early Bird Discount (Starting March 22, $175 Registration Fee Applied
August 1, 2021  First Payment Due
*TEMPLE MEMBERS: Please contact Rachael Fushan, Administrative Assistant, to give you access to registration at 561-391-9091 or RFushan@tbeboca.org.
**NEW FAMILIES: Pre-registration must be completed before the school registration form is available.

Current families will have to sign in to their ShulCloud account to fill out the registration. If you need assistance logging in to your ShulCloud account, contact Rachael Fushan at 561-391-9091 or RFushan@tbeboca.org.






We look forward to you joining our Beth El Early Learning Center family!