The Beth El Early Learning Center will be back in full swing for the new school year starting in August, and we have many exciting events that are engaging and relational.  Each new year understandably brings some mixed feelings until everyone gets into a routine and used to the new classroom.  Transitions can be difficult for some but with encouragement and reassurance, your child’s new experience can be very successful. 

You can help your child by

  • keeping a positive attitude and reassuring your child you will return when their day is over. 
  • trying to be specific and find out what the last activity of the day is and tell your child you will return after that event occurs (story time for example). 
  • remembering to always say goodbye. 

Beth El Early Learning center Director's Blog

Your input is significant in helping the teacher better understand your child’s preferences, dislikes and fears. Our staff is experienced at helping children separate from their parents, and can then engage children in something interesting. The teachers are also happy to send you an email, a photo or make a quick call to update you.

We work in tandem with our families to ensure the best possible transition from home to school. We encourage all of our families to visit our school frequently, and make the Beck Family Campus feel like home.