Selecting a Summer Camp for Your Child in Palm Beach County

Selecting the right summer camp for your child in Palm Beach County is not an easy decision.  There are many variables that might influence you including where your child’s friends might be going, convenience and reputation. 

Summer Camp for children 0-5 Boca Raton

  • What hours do you need?  Some Palm Beach County camps offer flexible schedules but your child may be moved from group to group with various counselors.  Will your child be able to adapt?
  • What are the staffing ratios?  The Beth El Early Learning Center of Boca Raton maintains the same teacher/student ratios year round.
  • How experienced are the counselors?  Experienced counselors, with years of education and training are better equipped to mitigate behavioral challenges. Adult supervision by experienced teachers such as those at the Beth El Early Learning Center of Boca Raton are trained to  handle challenging behaviors, utilizing problem solving techniques and mitigating small problems before they escalate.
  • How does the camp handle discipline?  Is the policy in alignment with your personal values? At the Beth El Early Learning Center of Boca Raton, we believe children should be able to learn through experimentation and exploration, which also means learning from mistakes.  Children should always be treated with respect and ideally learn a more desirable way of behaving without a punitive approach.
  • How large or small is the camp? For some children, a large camp may be overwhelming. All of our activities involve walking from area to another, but easily navigated by young children.  Some campuses are massive and children lose interest in participating in an activity by the time they reach their destination.  Remember not all children tolerate the Florida hot sun very well and your child’s temperament will play a role in their willingness to be outdoors.
  • What types of activities are planned? While some facilities and campuses look impressive, the actual activities being planned should be age appropriate.  Remember, you are paying for the program, not the facility.

One other thing to consider for many young children is that starting camp in the same school that your child will be attending in the fall, often gives your child a jump-start to feeling comfortable and confident in their new environment.  Many of our students make the transition from camp to school with minimal apprehension because they are so comfortable with our staff and the warmth they feel the minute they enter the building.

Bridge to Kindergarten Boca Raton

This year we are again offering the Summer Bridge to Kindergarten, designed to reinforce and refine the skills learned during the Pre-K year.  Students will participate in all themed activities including wild animal shows, dance parties, soccer, Kidokinetics, Hip-Hop, Olympic day, Water Day and much, much more!  Children must be 5 years old to participate and have completed Pre-K.  If you are interested please contact Cindy Korshin at or Ronni Graf at