August 12, 2019
2019-08-12 2019-08-12 America/New_York 2019/2020 Parenthood Registration Private

2019/2020 Parenthood Registration

2019/2020 Parenthood website registration.

Parenthood is a group of parents dedicated to the Beth El Early Learning Center. Parenthood's motto is: Talk-Join-Connect-Create a Legacy. We hope that all Beth El Early Learning Center parents, grandparents and/or guardians will become involved. Building an interwoven community of parents is a large part of our mission. Creating a legacy with positive memories for the children is paramount. 

We have various social events, projects, task forces and event committees you can join. Your $18 donation to Parenthood will help facilitate these efforts. Parenthood members are not required to volunteer their time. All Parenthood members will receive a complementary welcome gift in appreciation of your donation. I would like to join Parenthood or click here for printable flyer.

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