Classrooms & Technology

Smart Boards and Student Computers

All Early Learning Center classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and individual student computers. Enterprise grade Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus. Smartboards are used as teaching tools, for research, music playlists and interactive student programs. Individual student computers have stimulating children’s programs installed to encourage pre-reading, writing and math activities.

Infant Rooms

Infant classrooms are equipped with wood cribs and high chairs, a teacher’s glider, large area rugs, a play space climber to promote and practice sitting, kneeling, standing and maintaining balance. Shatter resistant acrylic mirrors are mounted at baby’s level.  An assortment of manipulatives such as stacking rings and nesting cups, push and pull toys, peekaboo boards and sorting toys are always accessible to the children.  

Toddler Rooms

Furniture in toddler classrooms is designed for comfort and contentment. Mealtimes are opportunities for children to master their eating skills while sitting in comfortable, supportive chairs that are low and wide-based.  Cubbies are sized just right for toddlers to put things away themselves, learn routines and transition smoothly.  Manipulatives , board books, blocks and items for dramatic play are plentiful.

Early Childhood Rooms

Three and four old children are actively engaged in classroom centers though the creative use of furniture and space.   Various manipulatives such as: hardwood unit blocks, fine motor games, magnetic boards, easels, soft couches, writing tables, sensory bins and mathematical centers are accessible to the students.  Each classroom has a smart board and children’s computers used to enhance curriculum, research themes and engage children in interactive lessons.