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Grow With Me 
For Baby's First Year


Tammi Stein teaches grow With Me at Beth El early Learning Center

?This series of six, 45-minute, dynamic, instructional classes provide theory and play activities to promote development during baby's first year of life. Parents will learn the importance and influence that the sensory system has on your baby’s development.  You will be able to enhance your baby’s 
development with your awareness of physical milestones during playtime, and will learn how to protect your joints to avoid wrist and back pain while caring for your baby.  Finally, you will meet other parents while learning, having fun and enjoying time with your new baby.

About the teacher: Grow With Me™ was created, and is taught, by Tammi Stein, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of therapy experience and mother of two children.

Seedlings,  0 – 5 months

Enhance baby’s developmental milestones through play activities with a pediatric occupational therapist. While babies learn head/neck control, rolling, arm strengthening, sitting and tummy strengthening, parents learn how to protect their joints and avoid wrist and back pain while caring for their child.

Sprouts,  6 – 12 months

Review the importance of the sensory systems in baby’s playtime.   This class will address developmental milestones and play activities including: crawling, walking, fine motor coordination, sign language, cognitive and social/emotional growth.

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Mommy & Me 
A New Take on Mommy & Me
 with an Emphasis on Sensory Play
For 12 – 24 Months

Sam Barhai teaches Mommy and Me at Beth El Early Learning Center?

Sensory activities encourage exploration and facilitate learning organically. This program will provide your toddler with a sense of self as they grow and develop in the warm and nurturing environment that the Beth El Early Learning Center provides. A strong foundation will be set for these young toddlers as they learn to share, play cooperatively and respect their peers through stories, songs, music, art and movement. 

We are not currently offering Beth El Babies for the Summer semester. We are hopeful for a return for Fall 2021. Please send an email to Sam Barhai to request more information for upcoming classes. 

About the curriculum

Mommy & Me and Transition to Preschool curricula have been created by Samantha Barhai, Beth Early Learning Senior Associate for Curriculum and Student Services. Sam holds a Beachelor's Degree in Sociology and Child Development and a Master's Degree in Education Adiminstration. She has been with the Beth El Early Learning Center since 2014, and brings a unique sense of warmth and creativity to her classroom curriculum.




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